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By the river Marne (HDR)

The River Marne is very scenic. It used to be home to the “guinguettes”, 19th-early 20th century riverside cafés where people could drink the “guinguet” a cheap local wine, which no longer exists.

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New Montparnasse (B&W)

One often thinks of Montparnasse in terms of Man Ray, Kiki of Montparnasse, Zatkine, Joesephine Baker and the roaring 1920s.

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Summer Light (B&W)

Square d’Orléans again. July 2014.

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Lion From Hell

Denfert Rochereau is a sort of historical pun. It is the name of a General who fought in the 1870 war against Prussia. Before that, it used to be called “Place d’Enfer” (Square from Hell). As people are wont to call the square “Denfert” it is as if  it hadn’t changed names at all.

From another angle.

Rallyes are often organised around that square and people are used to doing all sorts of…

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A piece of Britain in Paris (Square d’Orléans)

A piece of Britain in Paris (Square d’Orléans)


Chopin once lived here… And George Sand wasn’t very far. Don’t ask what these two were up to.


A bit far from Orléans, the private square has been a listed national landmark since 1977.


In the middle of our street…


Neo classical fountains.


Not so neo neo classical motobike.


The English look and feel isn’t a coincidence. The square was built by Edward Cresy, a British architect. Hence the…

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Square d’Orléans (2)

Square d’Orléans again, the cul-de-sac is the entrance to our agency (on the right behind the tree).

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Square d’Orléans (B&W)

Square D’Orléans is stunningly beautiful. A classy 19th private square complete with in-precinct mews-like houses. People who work there are incredible lucky bastards.

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Taking the Wraps off Product Packaging

Taking the Wraps off Product Packaging

Today’s selection is…

idea-visionary-marketingA selection of creative packaging with some very good and very innovative ideas. I have found out that just before going on vacation, rather than write yet another piece about the future of marketing or innovation, we would take some time off as and start browsing the Web a bit in search for ideas. That’s how I came across this photo mag list of “30 of the most creative and…

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The Other Side

bord-de-marne (4)

Walking by the river Marne, lowering my eyes, I spotted these 4 ducklings and their mother.

bord-de-marne (5)

They were looking towards the other side. Were those people waiting for them to cross the river?

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Smile (B&W)

I couldn’t quite decide whether that statue was smiling or not but she did look beautiful. Montparnasse cemetery. July 2014.