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Rainy Day (B&W)

On a rainy and very cold day in early July 2014. Bastille.

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Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) Is The New CRM (Youstice)

Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) Is The New CRM (Youstice)

VRM player Youstice 's Zbynek LoeblThe concept of vendor relationship managementisn’t quite new. It’s been around for at least four years as far as I can remember from my earlier work on the subject at the end of 2010. At the outset, I must admit the concept was a little bit lost on me even though I could well imagine that something was brewing in the background. Okay! There CRM systems were somewhat one-way and the vendor –…

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6th Webit Congress 2014: a viral marketing campaign

6th Webit Congress 2014: a viral marketing campaign

Webit CongressThe 6th Webit congress will take place in Istanbul on Oct 1-2, 2014. The congress launched an initiative which I found very interesting from a viral marketing point of view and I wished to tip my hat to them as well as make a bit of publicity for my application. After all, one should never leave such matters to others. The Webit congress organisers have indeed asked potential speakers to apply…

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Pyramids (3 renditions)

3 renditions of the same shot. La Concorde. Paris. July 2014

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Work Out (B&W)

Not a song by Arthur Beatrice, but a jogger caught from the barge on the canal. 

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Les Tuileries. July 2014.

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Concorde (B&W)

La Concorde on a rainy July day. 2014.

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Sign of the times (B&W)

La Bastille. July 2014.

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Songs From Liquid Days

The hum of the refrigerator is the name of this group of artists responsible for the above installation at…

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Queenie in Frogland

Queen Elizabeth II visited France a few days after D Day celebrations in Normandy. Her visit was greeted by a mixture of admiration and scorn as is natural in a country where half of the population wanted the King and Queen to be beheaded and the other half didn’t (